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Best Bass Guitar Brands for Beginners

Best Beginner Basses
By James Fallondale | Submitted On October 08, 2014

Looking on the outside it may seem as learning the best bass guitar brands can be extremely expensive. First off you have to by the physical best bass guitar brands list, then an amp, cables, picks, strings, potentially lessons, case, etc. However, if you do a little research you can find a few great values brands for bass guitars.

1) Squire P-Bass Pack

Squire at one point in time stood as its own instrument company, but for quite some time they have been owned by Fender and marketed as a budget bass guitar brands friendly and entry level guitar. The Squire P-Bass pack not only includes a well made Squire bass designed around the same features as a classic Fender Precision Bass, it also has an amp, cable, strings, and picks. For $300 bucks the Squire pack is a great option that is easy on the wallet.

2) Ibanez GSR200

The Ibanez GSR200 is one of the most renounced beginner cheap bass guitar brands options. For $200 it offers superb tone and great playability. Many cheapest bass guitar brands and guitars come with the action set extremely high and the intonation out of whack. This can be discouraging to the player, because if he uses correct technique, the sound may still be off. The high action can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the player's hands. For the Ibanez, out of the box it offers low action and well shaped mid sized neck offering superior comfort compared to other basses in this price range.

3) Yamaha RBX374

As the third good bass guitar brands on the list, this is the first to offer an active pickup system. The Yamaha carries along the same quality of playability as the Ibanez, however with its added active pickup and eq system it adds a whole new dynamic to the player.

He or she can access more sounds and tones of good brands for bass guitars than the other two options, however top 10 brands of bass guitars have a heftier price tag. Coming in at $279, the Yamaha RBX374 is a great beginner option if you have a few more dollars and are looking for a list of top bass guitar brands that can get some crazy sounds.

What are the best brands for bass guitars? What are the top bass guitar brands?

So that about sums it up. The beginner list of top bass guitar brands market isn't the biggest out there, due to more young students choosing in favor of the guitar. This however makes your decision on what name brands for bass guitars to buy even easier. If you are looking for the best value for your money, Squire is the brand you want.

Want a little more quality and can sacrifice the included goodies Squire offers, then Ibanez is what you want. Want a top 10 bass guitar brands that offers great quality with some exciting features, then the Yamaha is for you. Remember, always play top brands for bass guitars before you buy if possible. Players create a personal connection with their instrument, so finding the best top 10 electric bass guitar brands is key.

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Bass Guitar Brands For Beginners - Tips to Remember
By Liam Gibson | Submitted On September 01, 2009
The bass guitar stands out and has a unique appeal of its own. It's also referred to as music's "soul instrument" since it is thought of as giving a song life. Without it, it's like the groundwork of a song is missing. It gives most every song that it's used in a heavy backbeat. Hence, whenever other guitars are used in unison, no band must leave out the bass guitar.

Having the skill to play the bass guitar for absolute beginners is an asset to any musician. If you can learn to play this sophisticated instrument you're bound to impress most anyone you know. Even though most bass guitar for beginners find the acoustic or electric guitars deliver pleasing sound, the bass guitar packages for beginners will generate an extra deep, pounding form of audio you'll feel like a pounding in your chest. So if you want to be a fine addition to a band one day, learn to play the bass guitar tips for beginners.

Bass guitar tutorial for beginners are much different from regular acoustic or electric guitars. Therefore, before you consider moving onto playing one you must consider bass guitars for beginners instructions. These best bass guitar beginners have fewer and thicker strings, most having four strings instead of six. They require a lot of work to learn and master, but advanced musicians claim they're easier to play the best bass guitar brands for beginners. They are typically made out of rose or maple wood and have larger bodies.

Another thing that sets best bass guitars for beginners apart from others is that they're not chord oriented. Playing chords with a best electric bass guitars for beginners can overpower the sound of other guitars. You'll be able to feel the power of a cheap bass guitar for beginners if you play it in a consistent manner. Once you learn to play the good bass guitars for beginners, you'll find it even simpler to master the acoustic, electric, and the Spanish guitars.

These pointers will help you out as you learn how to play a bass guitar for beginners:

1. You can think of the bass almost like a substitute for a drum. It will keep you aware of the beat of the song you're playing as well as give you a feeling of consistent pounding in your chest.

2. Left handed bass guitars for beginners are tuned very much the same way as regular guitars, but the tones are deeper since there are only four strings and they are thicker. In order to tune a base guitar properly you'll need to learn the notes and tunings of a standard guitar. You must be able to any given not frequently since this is important when playing top 10 bass guitars for beginners superbly.

3. The most important thing to consider on how to play the base guitar is the positioning of your fingers. The note's wholeness is created based on how your fingers strike the fret board of the bass. You can achieve this through practicing on the guitar.

4. The top bass guitar for beginners are a solid and sturdy piece of equipment. Therefore, you need two strong hands to handle it properly.

Keeping these pointers in mind will absolutely help you as you learn how to play the types of bass guitars for beginners. You can even apply them in lessons with a personal instructor, using a guide book, or a DVD program.

What are the best bass guitars for beginners? What is a good bass guitar for beginners?

All you need to do is purchase a bass guitar and practice playing it regularly. Whenever you play it, any song you play will have much more soul and depth. Once you master this guitar, learning all other types of guitars will be much easier.

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